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New updates no more.

Not posting any more news about updating :) unless its a really important update. Just go to the downloads section and see if a new version is out from some to time.
Posted by Roi on Apr 04, 2004

Connection Scripts v1.14

New name from ADSL_Scripts since now it got Cables connection script also.
Posted by Roi on Mar 26 2004

IWantVCD (0.06f)

Sorry forgot to upload it for a long time :). NEWS: I found out transcode does not support all movie types even thu using the mplayer plugin it should be able to encode everything mplayer can play. A new version of IWantVCD will let you skip transcode and use mjpegtools directly for movie unsupported by transcode.
Posted by Roi on Mar 26 2004

EasyTables v0.8.5

New protection lines added when generating a new firewall, I think they are very important for people to know about them
Posted by Roi on Feb 28 2004

IWantVCD (0.06d)

Updated. I suggest upgrding :).
Posted by Roi on Feb 27 2004

TCL File Server (4.3.4f)

Posted by Roi on 13 Feb 2004